Born in Beirut – AMER EL JAROUDI being the youngest in EL JAROUDI family was able to manage businesses from the start of his career.

Amer has a background in Engineering. Later on, he pursued his studies and earned a BA in the Art of Business and Financial Administration. But Amer’s ambitions have no limit and his passion for education led him to pursue a Master’s Degree in Construction Management and Business Marketing Administration from Madison Hills University in USA.

Amer’s career debuted in Lebanon and extended to Kazakhstan, and Major CIS countries along with Germany, Italy, Malaysia and Indonesia, where he gained an International knowledge and experience of the know-how in operating businesses and managing them.
Possessing a charismatic and extrovert personality where meeting elite clients and building strong profitable connections is only one of the key strength that made him excel in his career and form a solid reputation about himself. “I strongly believe in connecting with people worldwide and understanding what their needs and wants are is what will keep our business moving in the right direction”.

Handling EL JAROUDI INTERIORS from Beirut-Lebanon, Almaty-Kazakhstan, Munich-Germany, Amer along with Marwan expanded their business to Dubai.